History of Fuente de Piedra

The fountain supplied water to the village for decades.

Like other urban centres in the province, the official foundation of the town of Fuente de Piedra is relatively late, around the 16th century. However, there must have already been a settlement in Roman times, as an altar is preserved in Antequera on which the Latin inscription “Fonti. Divino. Aram. L. Post Humius. Satulius. Ex. Voto. D.” can be read, which refers to the cure of a personage thanks to the waters of the fountain and for which the altar was erected.

Other historians speak of the healing properties of the fountain, especially the ability of its waters to dissolve kidney and bladder stones. It is probably from this action on stone disease that the name Fuente de Piedra (Stone Fountain) comes from.

In the past, when its waters were transported to other places, its origin had to be attested by a notary and the priest of the church sealed the vessels, which were exported to the New World and Naples.

In 1547, Antequera decided to create a suburb to house the large number of kidney patients who came to drink the waters from the fountain, and the present-day urban centre is derived from it.

Our Facebook memory album

“Fuente de Piedra en la memoria” is the Facebook page created by Manuel Sánchez, a local resident of the village. This project aims to recover the graphic memory of the village, based on the people of the village sharing their photographs. In this way, a collaborative album of memories is created.

Our traditions


On February 2nd, olive branches are burnt in the different neighbourhoods of the village, creating large bonfires. During this fiesta, a large barbecue is held, where “choricitos” (Chorizo sausages) and sardines are eaten and local wine and beer are drunk.


At the beginning of February (although it varies depending on the year), the carnivals take to the streets of the town with parades with floats, costumes and music. In the evening, it is the chirigotas (singing groups) and costumes contest.

Feria de julio

For four days, leisure activities are organised for all kinds of public. The election of the Queen and Mister of the fiestas and their court takes place, and on the last day of the fair they hold a parade, which gives way to the motorbike Ribbon Race.


This takes place on the first weekend in May. After a mass in honour of the Virgen de las Virtudes, a pilgrimage to the Parque del Monte begins. This path goes around the lagoon and there are traditional floats created by the locals.

Fiestas Patronales Ntra Señora de las Virtudes​

Every 8th of September, the day begins with fireworks and a brass band playing on the streets of the village. At 11:00 a.m. mass is held, followed by the “porra majá” (a traditional cold tomato soup) contest. In the afternoon, the parade of the Manolas takes place, which gives way to the ribbon race on horseback. The day ends with a procession with the throne of the Virgen de las Virtudes.

La Ureña

This festival is celebrated on 31 October, when roasted chestnuts and porridge are handed out. Children go from house to house asking for sweets, asking the question:“¿Me da usted la Ureña?” making for a different trick-or-treating holiday.

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